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Download Game Aura Kingdom CN 幻想神域 啟源女神 MMORPG v2.2 APK Android - Game developer origin Taiwan previously successful release of the anime-style MMORPG games now also focusing to mobile. Previously they have managed to develop several game titles like Eternal Eden, Dragomon Slayer, and most recently was a Twin Saga.

But of all the games they develop Online Frontier, Fantasy or better known as Aura Kingdom is a game that most fans. Therefore, the developers announced that they will be releasing a sequel entitled Kingdom: Aura Goddes of Beginning, a mobile game that will have a deeper story of Aura Kingdom who we already released earlier.

Party developers finally decided to make this game because there are a lot of critics who say that the Aura Kingdom did not have a background story is strong, although the theme has been very interesting.

In the Aura Kingdom before, players will be perperan as an Envoy of Gaia, is a soldier who is assigned to rescue Azuria, a fantasy world that exists in the Aura Kingdom from the forces of darkness. In contrast to ordinary human soldiers, the Envoy has unique strengths and very strong, so able to defeat the monsters from the world of darkness Pandemonium. In the save a fantasy world, the player will be assisted by "Eidolons", the figure of the beings have high strength and are bound by the Envoy. It's just that, some of the Envoy who could not control the "Eidolons", thus the thirst for power, become corrupt and turned it into the devil, similar to an army of Pandemonium.

Game Aura Kingdom Mobile 幻想神域 啟源女神 Apk MMORPG v2.2 Android

In the Aura Kingdom 幻想神域 啟源女神 Apk Mobile Version Android this time, DG Friends will still be working with the "Eidolons" to stop the ambition of the Shadow Knight evil. In addition there is a new character to be introduced in the series mobile this time i.e. Gaia, Mistress of Eidolons. Gaia itself plays an important role in the game, as the leader of the Eidolons, and also the owner of the Cube of Gaia, the center of power in the world in Azuria. But until now there has been no information on whether Gaia will be one of "Eidolons" which are used only as players or NPCS (Non-Playable Character) only.

Party developers also have not provided details about the genre and also Aura Kingdom Apk Android gameplay this Mobile. It's just that they inform you that there will be some interesting features like Sky Tower, Quest, turn of the Equipment, and also Instant Dungeon. X-the Legend also claims that the game is currently in the final stages of completion and will be released publicly. Before mobile gaming that they release less successful, with the Aura of a Mobile Kingdom, they hope it will be much more successful.

  • Free matching two-weapon systems - Players can do so through the main secondary weapon choices to create their own fighting position, different weapons have different skills, melee fighting lightning combo double knife, wide range of intense bombardment artillery, hands to manipulate elemental force of nature, or the divine healing power of small harps. You won't have to switch weapons in battle, you can feel free to use all skills of primary and secondary weapons, were more liberal and rich by fighting even match.
  • Guide now! the Sky Tower - Real-time online multiplayer, and association partners to launch a total of dungeons Guide, and friend hand in hand blood attack.
  • Anime adventure second to attack! - Pure Japanese style, off your secondary mania, "I will try to protect you to the end of" plot painting school, and fell in love with the Top1 anime Yu!
  • Turn qiyuan box! Call destiny God - Doomsday-the Dragon King bahamut, the nine-tailed Fox, JI-yuzaoqian, La Luna-Timmy Asia silk, the fallen angel Lucifer, classical God will accompany the player around, secondary players for fighting, as players grow up, come with your favorite God ordered contract!
  • Amazing styling freedom put out its own fantasy fashion! - Take fashion wear is a major feature of the game, in addition to creating exclusive fashion designs other than their own, and can get additional attribute bonuses. Match clothes, hair choices, everything tested qiyuan messengers fashion concept, wants to become the fashion trend of the sportsman or woman, it is necessary to give full play to their worn upon the skill, for the freedom of their roles is matched with beautiful handsome yourself!
  • Easy! Own up! Finger play! - "Dream Dominion" additional design of fishing, cooking, collecting, rich card funny games, offers players a more fun to meet all of your leisure and entertainment.
  • Find your road to adventure - Through the adventure path system, you can learn a variety of passive skills to create their own unique abilities, according to the study of the course you will have the opportunity to learn dual wield a powerful combination of skills, regardless of the role is to foster violence output or one attack and defense can give you freedom of choice.

Game Aura Kingdom 幻想神域 啟源女神 Apk v2.2 New Version Android Gameplay:

download Aura Kingdom Mobile 幻想神域 啟源女神 Apk MMORPG v2.2 Android

Aura Kingdom Mobile 幻想神域 啟源女神 Android NEW

game Aura Kingdom Mobile 幻想神域 啟源女神 Apk

Aura Kingdom Mobile 幻想神域 啟源女神 Apk MMORPG v2.2 Android MOD

Information Game :
  • Name Aura Kingdom Mobile 幻想神域 啟源女神
  • New Version 2.2
  • Release 31 October 2016
  • Requires Android 4.1 Up
  • Mode Online Games
  • Size 95MB
  • File APK Extension
  • Genre Role Playing Game
  • Offered By 傳奇網路 
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